A Deck, Pergola, Or Gazebo
Can Extend Your Outdoor Living Area
And Give It A WOW Factor.
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A beautiful deck, pergola, or gazebo can expand a homeowners living space. These structures can enhance any yard, add value to your home, and provide an outdoor area in which to relax or entertain family and guests.


Decks can range from a simple one-level platform to stunning multi-level platforms. Enhanced with stairs and railings, a deck will provide a place to get outdoors, set up the bar-be-cue pit, or relax.


Often constructed of treated pine and cedar, a pergola, a structure that stands on its own and has an open-lattice roof structure, can be constructed as a free-standing outdoor unit - the perfect place to hang a swing, bench, or chairs. A pergola is also the perfect outdoor structure to build over walkways.


A gazebo, a free-standing structure with a solid roof, is also a beautiful choice for an outdoor structure. It can be built on a wooden or concrete foundation with benches built into a low wall that surrounds the unit. The roof can be constructed of shingles, tile, or any other roofing material of your choice.